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Zoom vulnerability on Apple Mac / OSX

Note that this vulnerability is not relevant to Apple iPhone, iPad, Microsoft, Linux or other platforms.

Zoom has informed us of a potential vulnerability on its Zoom software. By exploiting a technical vulnerability it could be possible to be connected to a meeting in the background, including video, that is if the user’s preference was switched to ‘turn on video when joining a meeting’. Importantly, no incidents of exploits have been reported by Zoom or seen within UKRI.

Zoom and Apple have quickly released updated software, Apple Mac users will now be prompted to update their software within the Zoom application.

Action required -- We ask all Apple Mac owners install this update as soon as is possible.  We recommend that you confirm the setting for joining a meeting is set to your personal preference, accessible from the ‘Settings’ menu within Zoom, under ‘Video’.  This update will not alter the look and feel of the Zoom software or change stored contacts or meetings already arranged.

If you have any queries about this, please contact IThelpdesk@ukri.org or ITservicedesk@innovateuk.ukri.org