Responsible innovation

Responsible innovation is the careful consideration of, and action to address, the potential impacts of introducing a new product, service, process or business model to the market. Among other things, it looks at the impact on:

  • the innovating company
  • their customers and suppliers
  • their investors
  • wider society and environment.

New innovative products, services, processes and business models are better when the benefits for society can be realised and any potential downsides avoided.

General policies and guidance

PAS 440

This provides guidance for companies that want to innovate responsibly. It also helps them to demonstrate their responsible behaviour by helping them to structure their thinking and by guiding their actions.

AREA (anticipate, reflect, engage and act) framework

The framework sets out EPSRC’s commitment to responsible innovation and the expectations it has for the researchers it funds and their research organisations.

Horizons tool

Horizons is a practical tool designed to help identify the big trends, issues, risks and opportunities. It can be used to develop and test your strategy, inform commercial decisions, and drive new innovation.

Case studies

Quantum technologies public dialogue

The ‘Thinking ahead to a world with quantum computers’ landscape report about responsible research and innovation in quantum computing identified challenges and made recommendations on how to handle them. This led to the quantum technologies public dialogue.

Last updated: 25 October 2020

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