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Science and technology projects: Industrial CASE studentship

Apply for funding to provide training for a PhD student at your organisation.

You must be an eligible research organisation. Training must be provided jointly with a non-academic organisation.

The project must fall within the STFC core science programme.

Scoping law and social justice research priorities

Apply for funding to identify potential research priorities in law and social justice. Your report will inform the future AHRC approach to the law and legal studies disciplines.

You must be eligible for AHRC funding.

Your project must focus on:

  • governance
  • citizenship and representation
  • transitional justice
  • cultures of exclusion.

UK and South Korea biomedical and health researcher exchange

Apply for funding to support the movement of biomedical and health researchers between the UK and South Korea. Funding comes from the UK-Korea Researcher Mobility Scheme.

You must be applying on behalf of an existing research partnership between the two countries.

UK applicants must have an active UKRI grant, awarded through a competitive process.

Korean applicants must be eligible for funding from NRF or MSIT.

Engineering biology research, community and capacity development

Apply for funding for research, community and capacity development in engineering biology. This funding comes from Engineering Biology Transition Awards.

Your project must align with the themes of the proposed National Engineering Biology Programme (NEBP).

You must be of lecturer level or above and based at an eligible research organisation.

Engaging the public with environmental science 2021

Apply for funding to develop new ways to engage the public with environmental science.

To apply your team must include a UK researcher eligible for UKRI funding. NERC welcomes applicants from research and non-research focused organisations.

Research-ready data and access funding

Apply for funding to research improving access to, and use of, administrative data. The data is routinely collected information, usually from public services.

To apply you must be from a UK academic institution or government organisation.

You must have experience working with data and have relationships with data owners.

Public health intervention development (PHIND): Sep 2021

Apply for funding to develop an intervention addressing a UK or global public health issue.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for MRC funding. This includes MRC units and centres.

SBRI: Healthy Ageing Social Ventures feasibility studies

Organisations can apply for a share of £1 million inclusive of VAT to develop products and services to support healthy ageing.

SBRI: healthy ageing social ventures industrial research

Organisations can apply for a share of £3 million, inclusive of VAT, to develop products and services to support healthy ageing.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the energy research community

Apply to build a community within energy research focused on:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)
  • accessibility.

You must have the ambition to make real changes.

To apply you must be working at a UK organisation eligible for UKRI funding. Your project must be interdisciplinary.

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