Reporting your project’s spending

Your organisation will need to submit a final expenditure statement within three months of your project ending. It may also need to report spending during your project.

Submitting your final expenditure statement

Your research organisation must fill in the final expenditure statement in the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system. The form will be ready in Je-S from the end date of your award. Your research office will get an email reminder.

If your organisation does not submit the final expenditure statement, it may have to pay back:

  • 20% of the funding award – if it is not submitted within three months
  • the full funding amount – if it is not submitted within six months.

Find out how to submit a final expenditure statement in Je-S.

Reporting spending during your project

Your research organisation may have to submit interim expenditure reports during your project – it will depend on your award and the research council funding it.

Your research organisation may also need to submit an interim expenditure report if your funding award is transferred to another research organisation.

See the terms and conditions in your offer document for more information.

If your organisation is based or spending grant money outside the UK

Your research organisation will have to submit extra financial information, known as a final expenditure statement attachment, if it:

  • is based outside the UK
  • pays or donates to an overseas organisation using award funds.

During your project, your research organisation might also be asked to submit:

To submit the documents, it will need to:

  1. Download the Excel file.
  2. Fill it in.
  3. Submit it by uploading it to Je-S.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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