UK Committee on CERN (UKCC)

The UK Committee on CERN (UKCC) meets shortly before each round of CERN Council meetings, which take place in March, June, September and December each year. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the items likely to appear on the agendas of CERN Council and Finance Committee with all relevant parties, to get direction and where possible to agree the UK line.

Terms of reference

The UKCC’s remit is to consider questions arising from the UK participation in CERN and to brief:

  • the UK delegation to the CERN Finance Committee
  • the UK delegation to the CERN Council.


Membership of UKCC includes representatives from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), STFC and members of the particle physics community.

The current membership is:

  • Shabana Haque, Chair (BEIS)
  • Mark Thomson, Deputy Chair (STFC)
  • Jess Atkinson, Secretariat (STFC)
  • Grahame Blair (STFC)
  • Daniela Bortoletto (University of Oxford)
  • Jon Butterworth (University College London)
  • Karen Clifford (STFC)
  • Richard Farrow (STFC)
  • Nigel Glover (Durham University)
  • Richard Jones (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office)
  • James Loveder (BEIS)
  • Jocelyn Monroe (Royal Holloway)
  • Ed Neave (UKRI)
  • Dave Newbold (STFC)
  • Helen O’Keeffe (Lancaster University)
  • David Rawlins/Felicity Howe (BEIS)
  • Tara Shears (University of Liverpool)
  • David Snell (BEIS)
  • Sarah Verth (STFC).

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Jess Atkinson


Last updated: 23 May 2022

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