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What are monitoring service providers (MSPs), how do they support businesses, and why do we need them at Innovate UK?

I started my journey at Innovate UK just over 14 years ago. Brand new to the organisation, I was processing grant claims as an administrator for our Operations department.

I have witnessed our incredible growth and changes over the years. From the days of using a filing cabinet system, storing paper copies of project folders. To the implementation of our post-award Innovation Funding Service, managing over 5000 live projects.

Working for the UK’s national innovation agency is extremely rewarding. We help businesses grow through the development and commercialisation of new:

  • products
  • processes
  • services.

We have a diverse, talented and fantastic team to help make this happen.

Monitoring service providers

For us to be successful, we need to support businesses. A vital part of that support is provided by our monitoring service providers (MSP) (previously known as monitoring officers).

The government has confirmed its commitment to innovation and leading the future through its UK Innovation Strategy. It is now even more crucial that we deliver economic growth, and new jobs, and improve the quality of life for all.

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Everyone who has come across us, and worked with us, knows the central role Innovate UK plays in delivering on that intent.

We want to inspire, involve and invest in innovation through our plan for action. To ensure that these innovative projects get the best support, we need the expertise of a diverse pool of MSPs.

These experts will witness cutting edge research and development, while guiding our project participants through the lifecycle of their project,.

The role of an MSP

An MSP will be assigned to every project and be a key point of contact for our participants. The crucial objectives are:

  • to provide support to deliver effective outcomes
  • to undertake periodic reviews of the project progress
  • to gain assurance as to the technical progress and delivery
  • to support financial management and control
  • to support project management and reporting.
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Approved MSPs can choose to apply for one, or multiple projects to monitor.

Innovate UK will highlight the estimated time required, and specific focus areas that are needed to perform the role for each project monitoring opportunity.

To give you a flavour of what it is like to be an MSP, here is a statement from one of our trusted providers:

I enjoy being an MSP, as it allows me to see the development of different areas of science by British companies into products and services, solving issues that are globally important.

I get to work with talented scientists and entrepreneurs from academia, industry and Innovate UK, and learn something new and interesting every day.

The working environment is excellent, as all the people at Innovate UK are highly knowledgeable in their areas, courteous, fantastically supportive, and ready to help, which makes the whole process really enjoyable.


We are committed to broadening the diversity of our MSPs, and we welcome technology experts and project managers with business experience from any sector to apply.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador with Innovate UK, helping us support UK Innovation whilst working with some remarkable individuals, apply to join.

Thank you for reading.

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