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This page explains what you usually need to include in your application.

You also need to read the guidance in the funding call, as some funding calls have different requirements. If your application does not meet the requirements, it will be rejected.

Proposal cover letter

Inclusion of a cover letter is mandatory. Letters should be submitted as attachment type ‘Proposal Cover Letter’ with no limitation on page length.

A declaration of Interests is now required to be added to the cover letter. Refer to the research integrity guidance for information on declaring any interests in your application.

You may use the cover letter to list reviewers that they would prefer not to approach, but we reserve the right to make the final selection.

Case for support

You must include a case for support.

The case for support should be a self-contained description of the proposed project with relevant background, and should not depend on additional information.

Data management plan

The data management plan should include concise plans for data management and sharing as part of the research grant proposal, or give reasons why data sharing is not possible or appropriate.

Diagrammatic work plan

The diagrammatic work plan is a document used to visualise the project by representing timelines and milestones. It should be a maximum of one side of A4.

Justification of resources

All requested resources (directly incurred, directly allocated and exceptions must be fully justified. These include principal investigator (PI) and co-investigator (Co-I ) time.

This document should be a maximum of two sides of A4.

Last updated: 28 January 2022

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