Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) remit covers engineering and the physical sciences.

We fund research into chemistry, engineering, information and communications technologies, materials, mathematical sciences and physics. Though we do not have restrictions on application areas, the majority of research we support must be in engineering and the physical sciences.

The same application cannot be submitted to more than one research council for their consideration at any one time.

Research that may cross council remits

For interdisciplinary research that may cross research council remits, it can be difficult to know which council to submit a proposal to.

Send us a summary of your idea before you commit to producing a full proposal. Our remit group can then help you decide which research council to submit your full proposal to.

In the summary, explain your research aims, plans and where you think the main novelty of the project lies. There’s no need to give us detailed background information, references or research costs.

Our remit group meets monthly to review idea summaries and queries. They consult colleagues within EPSRC and other research councils to advise on how to proceed with your proposal. If it is decided your proposal is best suited to another research council, EPSRC will refer you to that council’s remit group.

Research Councils have a Cross-Council Remit Agreement for considering proposals at the boundaries of their remits.

Contact us with your remit queries

Contact us if you have further questions about EPSRC remit.
Email: epsrc_remit_queries@epsrc.ukri.org

How to check if EPSRC is right for you

If you’re unsure if EPSRC is the best research council for your proposal, we suggest that you:

Last updated: 17 November 2023

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