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Core equipment is of strategic value at departmental or university level, rather than of national significance. It maintains competitiveness in current fields rather than transforming the existing capability of the host institution. It is not project-specific and would be of service to multiple users on a regular basis. Its use should be dedicated to research rather than teaching purposes.

The specification of the equipment would reflect this anticipated usage.

The equipment requested could include renewals, upgrades or investments to increase the capacity of the host institution. Examples of this type of equipment could include (but are not limited to):

  • lower field-strength NMR
  • standard specification spectrometers such as ICP, mass spectrometers and ramen spectrometers
  • standard specification microscopy equipment
  • basic wind tunnels
  • bioreactors
  • mechanical testing, metrology and microfabrication equipment
  • standard laser equipment
  • X-ray CT, XRD, XPS

EPSRC will fund this type of equipment through targeted activities subject to available funds. Investments in underpinning equipment may be informed by equipment roadmaps and areas for intervention may be prioritised using EPSRC strategies.

Find out how core equipment fits into EPSRC’s approach to equipment funding.

Recent funding opportunities

Core Equipment Award 2020 Panel 1
Core Equipment Award 2020 Panel 2

Last updated: 25 October 2021

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