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The New Investigator Award scheme is to support individuals who hold an academic lectureship position and have not previously led an academic research group or been the recipient of a significant grant – usually defined as those which included postdoctoral research associate time, capital equipment or were in excess of £100,000 full economic costing.

No closing dates apply to the scheme. The New Investigator Award scheme can only be applied to once, whether previous applications were successful or not, except when permission to resubmit an application is invited after peer review.

Proposals are considered in competition with other New Investigator Awards at standard research prioritisation panels.

Projects suitable for a New Investigator Award

New Investigator Awards should provide foundational funds to initiate a research group, coupled with sufficient provision from their host institution to ensure a boost to career development and the underpinning support to establish the applicant within their research field.

Projects should be self-contained and comprise a single research vision with clearly defined objectives and outcomes. The duration of the project should be appropriate to deliver these – typically one to three years.

Complex, multifaceted research projects with many objectives are not appropriate for this scheme.

As with all EPSRC grants, applicants should request the appropriate suite of resources to carry out the proposed research. Requests for resources should be clearly articulated in the justification of resources section of the grant application.

The New Investigator Award expectations document gives some guidelines for applicants to consider during the initial formulation of their proposals with regards to the expected scope and features of their application.

Read the New Investigator Award statement of expectations.

Last updated: 27 January 2022

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