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What you could gain

The Creativity@home initiative allows research groups to explore new ways of approaching problems by providing them with a foundation from which idea generation can flourish.

Evidence provided by previous research groups who have received Creativity@home funding suggests that objectives can be categorised into three core areas:

  • generating novel problem solving and research ideas
  • improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a research group
  • building multidisciplinary teamwork, understanding and cooperation of groups that are geographically and departmentally split.

There are a variety of activities that have been carried out to meet these objectives.

The most common activity funded by Creativity@home is a facilitated meeting or away-day organised by research groups. In many cases, the introduction of the facilitator has allowed the group members to exchange new ideas outside of their normal comfort zone and strengthen personal links between individuals.

There have also been cases where the facilitated meetings have led to group objectives becoming more structured whilst providing an opportunity to trial collaboration software.

Other Creativity@home funded activities includes:

  • training of individuals in facilitation techniques
  • group activity workshops
  • research presentations by postgraduate and postdoctoral students.

Find out more about the Creativity@home pilot in ‘Connect’ issue 80.

Last updated: 16 June 2022

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