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Eligibility for MRC studentships

To qualify for a studentship, a student must meet certain eligibility criteria related to:

  • their academic qualifications
  • their residence status.

There are also special rules about recruiting international students.

Academic qualifications

The registering institution is responsible for determining if candidates have the relevant qualifications and experience to undertake a doctorate. It is also responsible for ensuring that qualifications gained outside the UK are of an equivalent level.

For more information read the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK quality code for higher education.

Residence requirements

The research organisation is expected to check students’ residence status before awarding a studentship. If you need advice related to the eligibility of a student, contact your research organisation’s registrar’s office.

For more on residence requirements read UKRI’s terms and conditions for training funding and UKRI’s guidance on EU and international eligibility for UKRI funded studentships.

Last updated: 5 January 2022

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