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Every year, the MRC invests around £850 million of public money in research, the primary output of which is data. We want to maximise the research opportunities that such a diversity, richness and quantity of data provides.

One of the best ways of achieving this is to ensure that data are properly preserved for sharing and informed use beyond the originating research teams.

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MRC data sharing policy

MRC policy and guidance on sharing of research data from population and patient studies

MRC policy on open research data from clinical trials and public health intervention studies

UKRI data sharing principles (including Concordat on Open Research Data)

Guidance for researchers

Good practice principles for sharing individual participant data from publicly funded clinical trials

Data management plans – guidance for applicant

Data management plan template

Data management plan – FAQs and guidance

Data management plan – guidance to reviewers (p.10)

UKRI guidance on best practice in the management of research data

Supporting research data management through grant funding

MRC good research practice guidance – Section B – Data: management, integrity, retention and preservation  (pp. 9-12)

Engagement and development


Public health research data

Cohort directory

MRC Science Archive

The MRC Science Archive contains historical research data from former MRC units and centres, as well as documents and publications that continue to have scientific or historical value.

Data Access Committee

Access to this data can be requested through application to the independent Data Access Committee for the MRC Science Archive.

More information and an application form

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Annual activity report

Register of approved data releases

Last updated: 13 January 2022

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