Carrying out a peer review - MRC

Guidance for peer reviewers

An overview of the peer review process and links to further resources

How to write and submit your review

A step-by-step guide for peer reviewers on review writing and submission

Assessment of applications

Details of the core responsive mode application questions used to assess applications

Tackling bias in peer review

Guidance to help you identify potential biases and mitigate their impact when reviewing

Other considerations when reviewing

Including the responsible use of metrics

Scoring matrix

Including descriptions of what is expected in each scoring band

Conflicts of interest

An overview of what is considered a conflict of interest

COVID-19 guidance for peer reviewers and panel members

Research impacts from COVID-19 to consider for reviewers and review panels

MRC remit and multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary applications

Guidance for reviewing multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary applications

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