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Applicants can apply for funding requiring Antarctic logistic support from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) through all the NERC funding streams, with the principal mechanism through discovery science research grants and fellowship schemes. This enables all proposals that require access to BAS Antarctic infrastructure to compete on an equal footing with other proposals in that funding opportunity.

Visit the BAS Polar fieldwork opportunities website for up-to-date information about:

  • the process of applying for NERC funding, for research proposals which require Antarctic fieldwork support
  • fieldwork planning of projects already awarded funding
  • the operation of the Collaborative Antarctic Science Scheme.

How to request Antarctic Logistic Support

The process for requesting logistics support from BAS for Antarctic fieldwork has changed.

All funding applicants whose proposals will include fieldwork in the Antarctic (or at Signy Island, or at the sub-Antarctic Bird Island) must complete a pre-award Operational Support Planning Questionnaire (OSPQ).

This is a new online form which replaces the Preliminary Request for Antarctic Logistic Support. Please email the Antarctic Access Office (AAO) at BAS ( stating your name, institution and proposal title. The Antarctic Access Office will set up a new, numbered pre-award OSPQ and send you the link with instructions for completion.

The pre-award OSPQ should be submitted to the AAO no later than three months prior to the submission deadline of the intended call.

Pre-award OSPQs are considered by a Logistics Panel, convened at BAS, with representation from BAS Operations & Logistics, NERC head office and the AAO. Panel feedback is supplied to applicants by NERC head office. If your Antarctic logistic support request is considered feasible, you will also receive a PDF of the pre-award OSPQ that will have a logistics approval reference code. You must include this PDF as an attachment with your funding application to NERC using the Joint-Electronic Submissions system (Je-S).

Any funding applications that request Antarctic logistic support without having received prior logistic approval will not be accepted by NERC.

Approved pre-award OSPQs will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of submission to the AAO.

If your proposed project is entirely ship-based, there is no need for you to submit a pre-award OSPQ. Instead, you should contact NERC Marine Planning Officer, at an early stage to discuss your project planning requirements before completing a Ship-time & Marine Equipment (SME) application form.

See the research grants handbook for more information.

If your activity requires both Antarctic logistic support and the use of NERC ships or marine equipment, you must submit a pre-award OSPQ and an SME form.

Contacts for more information

Jennifer Morris, NERC head office

Telephone: 01793 411 503

Antarctic Access Office


Last updated: 11 March 2022

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