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Discovery science supports environmental research driven by curiosity rather than our strategic priorities.

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Standard and new investigator grants

These grants offer support for research in any area of environmental science that we cover and principal investigators starting out in their independent scientific careers. This scheme closed for new applications in January 2022.

Pushing the frontiers grants

This grant offers support for our best environmental researchers to be truly adventurous and ambitious, by enabling them to pursue curiosity-driven, high-risk and high-reward projects that push the frontiers of environmental science.

Exploring the frontiers grants

This grant offers support to initiate adventurous and ambitious curiosity-driven research, which, through the exploitation of new technologies or approaches, may open up novel paths of research or result in discipline-shifting discovery in environmental science.

Large grants

These grants offer funding for adventurous, large-scale and complex research projects lasting up to five years.

Urgency funding

This type of funding supports research into short-lived and unexpected scientific opportunities.

Last updated: 8 April 2022

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