How Research England funding works - Research England

We support higher education providers to achieve quality research and knowledge exchange through:

  • formula-based funding, which is allocated annually
  • competitive funding, which is applied for and awarded on a one-off basis.


Funding we allocate

We use formulae to calculate the money we give to higher education providers and set terms and conditions for how it’s spent

Funding to apply for

We run funding opportunities at various times of the year for specific projects

Funding for national facilities and initiatives

Some of our allocated funding goes to national infrastructure owned or used by higher education providers

Capital investment for physical infrastructure

Grants for higher education providers to develop sustainable infrastructure and premises

How to achieve high-performing research

Conditions for high-performing research

Explainer: dual support funding for research and innovation

An overview of the UK's dual support system for research and innovation, the different mechanisms and the benefits they offer

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