Research integrity

The high integrity of research supported by UKRI is part of what makes it trustworthy and trusted. High integrity is the product of responsible research practices and a culture and environment that promotes and supports it. We are both refining our own policies and guidance in this area and hosting the UK Committee on Research Integrity (UK CORI).

Key principles

High integrity in research is the result of upholding the values of honesty, rigour, transparency and open communication, care and respect for those involved in research. It supports accountability for a positive research environment, as encapsulated by the research integrity concordat.

The policies and guidance outlined below explain how these principles should be interpreted in the research we support.

UKRI policies and guidance

UKRI policy for investigating allegations of research misconduct in research policy (PDF, 130KB)

UKRI policy and guidance on the governance of good research practice

The UKRI policy on the governance of good research practice and the accompanying guidelines are part of UKRI’s grants standard terms and conditions. They continue to apply for AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC and STFC investments until further notice. They cover the promotion of good research practice, including:

  • good practice in peer review
  • the need for appropriate training and development
  • what constitutes unacceptable research conduct
  • the investigation and reporting of unacceptable research conduct.

Reporting misconduct

If you are an organisation funded by UKRI and need to report a formal investigation into an allegation of research misconduct, please contact the relevant council:

These are confidential mailboxes monitored by research integrity leads and their teams.

Council guidance

The policies set out below are council-specific. However, researchers are encouraged to adopt these principles and policies as they are widely applicable for the relevant type of research.

Research England: Terms and conditions of grant

Institutions eligible to receive research funding from Research England must implement the concordat to support research integrity as it is a condition of receiving funds. The expectations set out are aligned with the UKRI policy on the governance of good research practice.

MRC and BBSRC: Managing the risks of research misuse

A joint policy statement of MRC, BBSRC and Wellcome on managing risks of research misuse for harmful purposes, also referred as ‘dual use research of concern’.

BBSRC: Safeguarding good scientific practice

This statement builds on the UKRI policy on the governance of good research practice, addressing the issues involved in the proper conduct of scientific research, and provides additional guidance on the standards expected.

UKRI terms and conditions

If you receive funding from UKRI you need to follow general terms and conditions for research grants or training funding, and any specific funding opportunity conditions.

Concordats UKRI has signed

The concordat to support research integrity (PDF, 375KB)

The revised 2019 concordat outlines a set of high-level expectations on researchers, employers and funders, underpinning the principles outlined above. We expect the research organisations we fund to implement the concordat.

External guidance

Please note the guidance below has not been developed by UKRI, but may be a useful resource. Where this advice is in direct conflict with UKRI- produced policies and guidance, the latter should be followed.

UKRIO: Promoting good practice and preventing misconduct

The UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) is an independent charity, offering support to the public, researchers and organisations to further good practice in academic, scientific and medical research.

Universities UK: template for annual statement on research integrity

This template provides guidance for research organisations on how to complete an annual statement for the Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

The Academy of Medical Sciences: Reproducibility and the conduct of research – possible strategies

Exploring the challenges and opportunities for improving the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research in the UK.

The Embassy of Good Science

The Embassy of Good Science offers help to anyone seeking support in handling day-to-day research practices and dilemmas.

Examples of good practice for researchers

Royal Society: Integrity in practice toolkit

Ideas for integrating research integrity commitments into practice. The toolkit offers a range of activities taken from best practice from around the world. The activities can be adapted according to institutional needs and resource availability.

Last updated: 5 January 2024

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