Reporting your project’s outcomes


When you need to report

You must submit your research outcomes in Researchfish during the annual submission period. This is unless you have an exemption or have been told to use alternative reporting methods.

The submission period is usually six weeks between February and March each year.

The next submission period is from 7 February 2022 until 16:00 on 17 March 2022.

If you’re required to submit outcomes during the upcoming submission period, UKRI will email you to confirm this. We will also send you reminders of the deadline.

You can only submit outcomes during the submission period. You can create, edit and attribute your outcome records in Researchfish at any time, and it’s good practice to keep them up to date.

When to begin reporting

If you are a principal investigator or fellow, you will usually need to report outcomes from early in your project until at least five years after it ends.

If you are a doctoral student with a UKRI studentship you will usually need to report outcomes from the third year of your studentship and for three years after it ends.

Last updated: 31 August 2021

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