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11 June 2019
High flying kites could create clean energy

The wind energy collected by kites could soon be turned into green electricity, thanks to research funded by two UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) organisations.

11 June 2019
Fresh funding to power the vehicles of the future

Funding announced today will support the development of the latest technology for electric car batteries.

10 June 2019
Delivery plans outline vision for research and innovation in the UK

Ambitious delivery plans published today outline how UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will work with its partners to ensure that world-leading research and innovation continues to flourish in the UK.

07 June 2019
World's most sophisticated thermal imagers fly over UK for the first time

One of the world's most sophisticated thermal imagers from NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory will soon be flying over the UK for the first time.

07 June 2019
Winners announced of EPSRC photo competition

An image of a Syrian refugee using virtual reality to help researchers design a shelter has been chosen as the winner of the 2019 national science photography competition organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

04 June 2019
UK Research and Innovation seeks to appoint Council members

UK Research and Innovation is seeking to appoint further Council members for each of the nine Councils.

31 May 2019
UKRI welcomes publication of revised Plan S guidance

Revised guidance has been published for the implementation of Plan S, an international initiative launched to make full and immediate Open Access to research publications a reality.

31 May 2019
Genetic insights from 50,000 people to target new health treatments
A treasure trove of genomic data on 50,000 people will pave the way for massive steps in understanding how the genetics and life-style factors contribute to the development of conditions like diabetes and arthritis.
30 May 2019
Cancer therapies given boost by immune discovery

New therapies have been discovered to help the body shrink cancer tumours.

29 May 2019
New Executive Chair sought for Innovate UK

We are seeking an inspirational leader to be Executive Chair of Innovate UK as it gears up to take centre-stage as the UK’s national innovation agency.

29 May 2019
UKRI is seeking two Non-Executive Directors

UKRI is now seeking to appoint two Non-Executive Directors to bring complementary expertise and insight to our Board.

25 May 2019
Science storytelling launches at Hay

A new project communicating cutting-edge science to new UK and international audiences will be launched at Hay Festival this weekend.

22 May 2019
AI radio remix to help people living with dementia

A project using artificial intelligence to personalise live radio could transform the lives of people living alone with dementia.

22 May 2019
Affordable and sustainable cities bring UK and Kenyan researchers together

The UK and Kenya governments are co-hosting a two-day symposium on affordable housing and sustainable infrastructure.

21 May 2019
New tool mimics body to show drug impact

A revolutionary new tool has been developed to cut down the time it takes to test new drugs, which could also reduce the need for animal testing.

17 May 2019
Share your moon landing memories

We're asking people across the UK to share their memories of one of the seminal moments in the 20th century - the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing.

16 May 2019
UKRI chief executive joins AI Council to supercharge the UK's artificial intelligence sector

UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) chief executive has been appointed to the newly formed UK Artificial Intelligence (AI) Council.

15 May 2019
UK's first ultra-secure quantum network link between research and industry launched

A new high-speed network link to boost quantum technology and protect the UK from cyber threats has been developed.

13 May 2019
New projects to understand how social, economic and environmental factors impact our health

A new round of funding led by UK Research and Innovation is investing £25 million into understanding and influencing the social, economic and environmental factors that affect our health.

13 May 2019
Design complete for world's largest radio telescope 'brain'

The design of the computer ‘brain’ of the world’s largest radio telescope has been completed by an international group of scientists led by the UK.