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11 March 2019
New genetic data offers unprecedented resource for health research

New genetic data from 50,000 people has today (11 March) become available for health researchers, offering an unprecedented resource to enhance understanding of human biology and aid in therapeutic discovery.

08 March 2019
Purple plaques celebrate female innovators

Nine purple plaques have been installed to celebrate the achievements of pioneering female inventors.

08 March 2019
Space tech could have the answer to reducing food waste

Scientists in the UK are working to develop new technology which will be able to 'smell' when fruit or vegetables are going off – potentially saving tonnes of waste.

06 March 2019
HIV remission achieved in second patient

A British man may be the second person to be cured of HIV after doctors said he was in ‘sustained remission’ after being given stem cells from a donor with genetic resistance to the disease.

05 March 2019
DNA cable tie vital role in cancer prevention

A cable tie-style ring of proteins that hold our chromosomes together as they replicate play a vital role in stopping DNA damage leading to cancer.

28 February 2019
Researchers tackling Nitrogen pollution in South Asia

This week sees the first meeting of the UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub take place in Nepal.

28 February 2019
Fund to boost collaboration between universities and small businesses

Universities Minister, Chris Skidmore, has today announced a £10m fund managed by Research England, part of UK Research and Innovation.

27 February 2019
Community-focused study highlights how to improve child nutrition

UK researchers have worked with collaborators in India to design a series of community-focused methods to improve child nutrition.

26 February 2019
UKRI seeks nominations for Research Organisation Consultation Group

The group will advise UKRI on all relevant aspects of research funding administration and policy.

22 February 2019
Innovate UK Smart funding launches with £20 million grant competition

New government funding will help UK businesses to turn their game-changing ideas into major commercial successes.

21 February 2019
£200m to create a new generation of Artificial Intelligence leaders

One thousand new research and business leaders will be created to ensure the UK leads the global revolution in Artificial Intelligence.

21 February 2019
UK teams invest in freeing up time for African researchers

Research in Africa is benefitting from a new approach to operational and administrative management aimed at building skills, freeing up time and ensuring research can flourish across the continent.

15 February 2019
Artificial intelligence to tackle insurance fraud and assess flood damage

A project to develop breakthrough artificial intelligence technology for the anti-fraud sector is one of a number of new projects set to receive funding.

15 February 2019
US-UK-Australia funding to improve global gravitational wave network

A global network of gravitational wave observatories will be upgraded to almost double its sensitivity, the lead science funding agencies of the United Kingdom and United States announced today.

12 February 2019
Canada and UK agencies join forces to establish future research and innovation partnerships

UKRI signs a Letter of Understanding to strengthen collaborations between UK and Canadian researchers and boost joint research through a collaborative approach to research design, funding and review.

11 February 2019
4.1 million investment in industrial biotechnology

From preventing kidney disease to producing mosquito repellent, UKRI’s BBSRC is awarding £4.1 million to three projects seeking to sustainably improve human and animal health using industrial biotechnology.

11 February 2019
UK Steel, Pharmaceutical and Transport manufacturing will be future-ready thanks to research boost

Three new research hubs announced today will bring together leading academic teams with industry partners to drive innovation across manufacturing in steel production, pharmaceuticals and transport.

11 February 2019
Major presence for UK at world's largest general science meeting

UK Research and Innovation will provide support to UK researchers attending the AAAS meeting, and will showcase the strength of UK research with an exhibit stand, and at an international networking event.

08 February 2019
Plastics are being glued together in the ocean

Glue-like substances secreted by bacteria are sticking tiny particles of plastic together in the ocean to form larger masses.

06 February 2019
Quantum collaboration to benefit academia and industry

UK researchers and industry will soon be able to process unprecedented amounts of data and harness powerful simulation capabilities.