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26 April 2019
Leading TV creators join up for immersive storytelling

The brains behind British favourites Wallace & Gromit and Peaky Blinders are joining a consortium of developers to create new immersive storytelling experiences.

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24 April 2019
'Dementia friendly' care homes prevent patients getting lost

Corridors that look like high streets with front doors, telephone boxes and brightly coloured photographs are architectural elements that make it easier for dementia patients to find their way around.

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18 April 2019
Britain's oldest rabbit found at Roman palace

While the Easter bunny started appearing in the 19th century, it seems the rabbit itself is a lot older than previously thought.

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17 April 2019
UKRI Artificial Intelligence Regional Workshops

UK Research and Innovation has announced four regional workshops to seek input to the current UKRI Review of Artificial Intelligence.

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17 April 2019
New international funding for research to reduce disaster risk and improve resilience

The Global Challenges Research Fund will join with international partners to support new research into disaster risk, reduction and resilience.

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15 April 2019
UKRI and international partners launch workshops on impact of AI

In partnership with research agencies from Canada and France, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has launched a series of international workshops examining the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on society.

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12 April 2019
Scientists sniff out rotten avocadoes

A team of UK scientists are working to invent a type of portable sniffing device that can detect whether avocados are rotten.

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11 April 2019
Star-gazing technology reveals ape insights

Star-gazing technology is being used by scientists to produce detailed monitoring of orangutans in Borneo.

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10 April 2019
Research England boosts research careers through new RED Fund

Research England has made the first award from its RED Fund to the University of Liverpool for an innovative project, worth £4.4m, to boost the success of postdoctoral researchers outside of academia.

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08 April 2019
Zebrafish reveal insights into Parkinson's

Research using the tiny tropical fish has shown how key brain cells that are damaged in people with Parkinson’s can be regenerated.

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03 April 2019
New therapies could tackle Ebola

Scientists have isolated therapeutic antibodies from healthy volunteers exposed to the Ebola vaccine but not Ebola virus itself, suggesting that protective therapies could be developed from people who are disease-free.

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02 April 2019
Inhaling sugar could fight lung disease

Restriction or inhalation of common sugar could one day treat a range of respiratory diseases, according to new research.

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29 March 2019
Using drones to save coffee plants from disease

Drone technology could help protect one of the world's best-loved and most valuable crops – coffee – from the spread of devastating fungal disease.

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28 March 2019
UKRI Gender Pay Gap Report published

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has today published its 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report.

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27 March 2019
Social science photo winner announced

A black-and-white photograph depicting a brother and sister playing in the sand at Lytham Beach has been awarded the top prize at a national social science photo competition for 14-18 year olds.

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26 March 2019
Important pollinating bees on the increase

Important crop pollinators such as the Ashby Mining Bee are on the up, according to a new study.

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25 March 2019
AHRC Executive Chair to step down from role

Professor Andrew Thompson, Executive Chair of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), has announced that he will step down from the role at the end of December 2019.

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22 March 2019
Investment in innovations to transform patient outcomes

Cutting edge health projects, including new software which enables radiologists to diagnose breast cancer more effectively and gene therapy to combat kidney disease, have received £23 million of government funding.

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22 March 2019
Girl coders breaking into IT

A new project aims to tackle the diversity challenge within the technology industry.

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21 March 2019
Strength in Places Fund: Strong bids from every region of the UK will be taken forward to the final decision stage

Twenty-four ambitious projects, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace, and transport to the creative economy, are to receive early-stage funding to develop full-stage bids that could lead to significant economic growth in places across the country.

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