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25 October 2019
UKRI champions the revised Concordat to Support Research Integrity

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has emphasised its support for improvements in the research environment by reaffirming its signatory status to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

24 October 2019
Backing the scientists of the future: £170 million investment in bioscience

The next generation of UK bioscientists have received a £170 million boost from the BBSRC. The investment has been announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of an announcement focusing on skills in bioscience and Artificial Intelligence.

24 October 2019
Turing AI Fellowships to keep UK at forefront of Artificial Intelligence revolution

World-leading researchers will develop pioneering new approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the next wave of Turing AI Fellowships announced by UKRI today, supporting UK and international researchers with £36 million of funding.

23 October 2019
£30 million clean growth funding opportunities for businesses open this week

Research and development funding for power electronics, machines and drives businesses is available from a significant funding opportunity opening today focused on helping the UK achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

23 October 2019
Cray named as hardware provider for UK's most powerful supercomputer

Cray has been awarded the contract to supply the hardware for the next national supercomputer, ARCHER2, following a procurement exercise delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

22 October 2019
UKRI announces next steps in tackling bullying and harassment

UK Research and Innovation outlines its next steps to address bullying and harassment across the sector in a position statement.

21 October 2019
UKRI joins global competition seeking innovations to help us age well

UKRI, in collaboration with the US National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and seven other global organisations, today announced that it has joined the Healthy Longevity Global Competition, a multiyear, multimillion-dollar international competition seeking breakthrough innovations to improve physical, mental, and social well-being for people as they age.

18 October 2019
Confronting cyber threats to businesses and personal data

British businesses and the public are set to be better protected from hostile cyber-attacks and online threats like disinformation and cyber-bullying as a result of three separate UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) initiatives, Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom announced today (Friday 18 October).

18 October 2019
New UKRI Director for e-Infrastructure appointed

James Hetherington has been appointed as UKRI’s new Director of e-Infrastructure, to commence at the start of the New Year.

17 October 2019
Light-activated compound destroys cancer cells' energy source

UKRI-funded researchers use light to activate a cancer-killing compound which attacks the NADH co-enzyme – a vital energy-producing machinery in the cancer cells.

17 October 2019
Innovative research solutions identified to help the world's most vulnerable people

Solution-focussed research receives £14.8M from the UK government’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) to be developed into practical tools helping millions of people around the world

10 October 2019
New UKRI brand supports vision and ambition as a world-class funder

UK Research and Innovation’s new brand provides a strong identity for the organisation as it realises its ambitions as a world-class funder delivering global impact.

10 October 2019
UKRI funds first mental health awareness audio tour of the National Gallery

The Medical Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation, has funded the first mental health-awareness audio tour of the National Gallery, launching today on World Mental Health Day.

10 October 2019
£88 million to help unleash the productive power of the UK economy

Productivity of UK businesses is set to be supercharged with £88 million in new government investment through the Strategic Priorities Fund.

09 October 2019
Multi-million funding boost for health tech innovators developing the next generation of cutting-edge technologies

Baroness Blackwood has today announced over £4M of funding to support a host of SME innovators to develop their exciting healthtech innovations.

09 October 2019
UKRI appoints Mental Health Networks Impact and Engagement Coordinator

Professor Elaine Fox, of the University of Oxford, has been appointed as UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Mental Health Networks Impact and Engagement Coordinator.

08 October 2019
£5 million given to AMR research partnerships between UK and Argentina

The government has provided £5 million of UK aid as part of a programme to manage antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in agriculture and its impact on the environment.

08 October 2019
UKRI congratulates Nobel Prize-winning physicists

The Nobel Prize for Physics has today been awarded to Professor Didier Queloz, Professor Michel Mayor and Professor James Peebles.

07 October 2019
£35m boost to adolescent mental health research

A major new research UKRI programme which will explore what makes teenagers more or less likely to develop mental health problems and how we might intervene early, has been announced by the government today.

07 October 2019
Nobel prize jointly awarded to UK scientist Sir Peter Ratcliffe

Sir Peter Ratcliffe was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 today, jointly with William Kaelin Jr and Gregg Semenza, ‘for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability’.