Boost for international mobility scheme

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A new partnership will increase prospects for international mobility through a more accessible Global Talent visa (GTV).

The Association of Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations (AIRTO) and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have come together to make the GTV even more accessible to international researchers and experts. This is achieved by increasing the number of eligible host organisations.

For the first time, organisations outside the public sector can be approved by UKRI for the GTV. The first group of organisations to benefit from this development are AIRTO members.

The UK’s GTV provides a fast, straightforward and flexible route for researchers and specialists to move to and collaborate with the UK. UKRI operates the endorsed funder route of the GTV.

Expanding and improving our offer

Linda Holliday, Deputy Director of Global Mobility and Inclusion at UKRI said:

We are really pleased to have worked in partnership with AIRTO to bring this change about.

We look forward to working with the community to continuously expand and improve our offer and support many more organisations to make the UK a top destination for research and innovation talent.

Expanding and accelerating research

Steve Yianni FREng, President of AIRTO said:

AIRTO has been an active and supportive member of the UKRI Global Talent visa External Advisory Board since 2020.

AIRTO is delighted to have worked with UKRI Global Mobility to improve the accessibility of the GTV, to create a mechanism for more international talent to be able to work in the UK.

Many more AIRTO member organisations have now been classified as ‘approved host organisations’, which will enable them to fast-track applications for individuals via the GTV, to expand and accelerate their applied and world leading research and development activities.

Global talent and collaboration

Colette Cohen, CEO of Net Zero Technology Centre, which is an AIRTO member, said:

I’m delighted that the Net Zero Technology Centre has been added to the approved host organisations list.

Transitioning to an affordable net zero energy industry will only be made possible, in part, by ambitious scientists, engineers and technology developers who will drive innovation.

The UK has an abundance of expertise and skill, but the climate challenge we face is a global one that can benefit from global talent and collaboration as we develop and establish our green economy.

UKRI approved organisations

View the full list of UKRI approved host organisations on GOV.UK.

These organisations can employ or host an international researcher who holds, or provides critical contributions to work supported by, an award or grant from an endorsed funder.

What does this mean for the research and innovation community?

The expansion of the Global Talent visa schemes will ensure ease of access to the UK for researchers and technical experts contributing to UK research either on a temporary or permanent basis.

It also enables a wider variety of UK based research organisations to easily host international talent, promoting:

  • high quality, creative, and collaborative research
  • innovation
  • skill transfer across national boundaries.

To help us expand the number of eligible host organisations outside the public sector, we welcome interest from sector bodies and individual non-profit distributing organisations.

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