IT incident: UKRI Extranet restored

Following a cyberattack at the end of January, we had to temporarily suspend two of our digital services: the UKRO portal and what is often called the BBSRC Extranet.

A review by external security specialists concluded that there was no evidence that any data was stolen and changes have been made to address the vulnerabilities that enabled the attack.

On Feb 24th the UKRO portal was switched back on and now we can restore the peer review services provided by the extranet for external users.

Alternative systems

Alternative systems have been used to ensure that work could continue until the extranet service was restored.

Now, in order to streamline operations, services unrelated to peer review will continue to be delivered using these alternative services whilst peer review will return to the extranet.

The majority of our users do not log on to the extranet regularly, so you may not need to access the site for some time, if at all.

Reset your password

When you do need to access the extranet – which you do not need to do immediately – you may be prompted to set up a new password using the Forgotten your password? Option, because we have reset your account.

If you are not prompted to set a new password, this means your password was held outside of the extranet service and so does not need updating.

We apologise again to all those who will have been concerned about any potential impact on their own data privacy.

If you have any queries, please email


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