Lateral flow test digital reader gets green light for deployment

Masked woman holding positive COVID-19 lateral flow test at home

Want to read a COVID-19 test with a smart phone? There’s an artificial intelligence (AI) app for that.

An AI-driven innovation which can read COVID-19 lateral flow diagnostic tests with users’ smart phones, has been given special use authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The innovation is co-funded by Innovate UK.

Advanced AI digital reader

COVID-19 lateral flow test digital reader

UnifAI Technology’s COVID-19 lateral flow test digital reader (image courtesy of UnifAI).

UnifAI Technology’s digital reader is a flexible remote diagnostic capability.

It uses advanced AI to turn otherwise analogue and siloed lateral flow and other point of care tests into connected and digital tests, providing auditable and evidence-based results.

The company is developing it for use with human and animal point of care health testing, and for in-field environmental monitoring such as for water and soil quality.

Smart innovations

Simon Edmonds, Chief Business Officer, Innovate UK said:

When the global pandemic hit, it was clear that smart innovations were needed to address the new realities.

Innovate UK sought out the best ideas and has funded projects such as UnifAI’s lateral flow test digital reader.

This technology, now authorised by the MHRA, will make COVID testing more accurate.

This will bring real benefits as we seek to beat this pandemic and shows the value of backing enterprising ideas.

Reducing impact on people and the economy

Phil Hughes, Chair and CEO of UnifAI Technology, said:

It is a major achievement to create what has been described as the best-in-class AI capability to interpret lateral flow device results.

The UnifAI Technology digital reader can be used to help reduce transmission of the virus and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on people and the economy.

This capability has wider applicability beyond COVID and can be used to help improve remote diagnostics for a range of health conditions.

This will become increasingly important in the developed and developing world as we face new healthcare challenges with growing global populations and increased pressure on resources and supply chains.

We aim to play our part in helping to improve the health and wellbeing of people by using our AI as a force for good in real world applications, as we have done with the UnifAI Technology digital reader.

Further information

UnifAI Technology is an AI company whose vision is to simplify AI for real world applications.

It has focus on using its AI to improve the health and wellbeing of:

  • people
  • the environment
  • infrastructure.

Top image:  Credit: coldsnowstorm, Getty Images

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