New director appointed to lead the Cockcroft Institute

Professor Stewart Boogert will drive the continued growth and development of the Cockcroft Institute.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is pleased to announce Professor Stewart Boogert as the new Director of the Cockcroft Institute.

As director, Professor Boogert will drive the continued growth and development of the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology located at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory, at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

Professor Boogert is a Professor of Accelerator Physics at The University of Manchester. Most recently, he was Professor of Accelerator Physics at the Royal Holloway, University of London, where he was also Head of the Department of Physics and had been an academic staff member since 2005.

Solving 21st century challenges

The Cockcroft institute is a partnership between STFC and the universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Strathclyde. It enables the UK to play a major role in the design, construction and use of the world’s leading research particle accelerators for the future, providing real economic and societal benefits to the UK.

Particle accelerators are vital in the search for solutions to 21st century global challenges, from clean energy to national security, through to developing new radiotherapies, materials and medicines that improve our quality of life.

They also enable researchers to study and learn more about the nature of matter, and to probe what happened at the instant the universe was born.

Wealth of experience

Professor Boogert’s areas of interest and research encompass the design and development of the new technologies that are essential for the world’s future generations of particle accelerators.

He also has wide experience in the design and simulation for advanced accelerators, examples of which are the CLARA accelerator at Daresbury Laboratory, and the future collider options at CERN.

He has a strong interest in the environmental sustainability of accelerators, which resonates with the ambitions of STFC to host a Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Accelerators.

At the forefront of global research

Professor Boogert said:

I am incredibly excited to lead the exceptionally talented and internationally recognised team at the Cockcroft Institute and to strengthen collaboration with colleagues at the partner and regional universities.

Accelerator science is instrumental in solving some of the most important challenges we face as a society and benefits nearly every sector of our economy.

I am committed to supporting the Cockcroft Institute’s mission as it continues to deliver world-class developments in accelerator science and technology.

Delivering world class research

Professor Jim Clarke, Director of STFC’s Accelerator Science and Technology Centre, added:

I congratulate Professor Boogert on his appointment as Director of the Cockcroft Institute, and I look forward to collaborating and welcoming him to Daresbury Laboratory.

For nearly 20 years, the Cockcroft Institute has been at the cutting edge of technology, delivering world class research to improve our lives whilst helping us understand our place in the Universe.

Through Professor Boogert’s leadership, the Cockcroft Institute will continue to be a global leader in the design and development of new technologies that will deliver major benefits to our economy and society.

Powerful driving force

Professor Boogert takes over from Professor Peter Ratoff, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Lancaster University.

Professor Ratoff has been a powerful driving force in the growth and development of the Cockcroft Institute since 2014, and was a founding member when it was first proposed in 2003.

His presence at Daresbury Laboratory continues as he now takes up the position of Director of Daresbury APA Operations for the Dune Neutrino Physics Collaboration.

Commenting on Professor Ratoff’s leadership, Professor Boogert said:

Professor Ratoff has led the Cockcroft Institute to some amazing achievements and through real challenges. His commitment supported the creation and success of the Institute and I wish him every success in DUNE.

Top image:  Professor Stewart Boogert. Credit: STFC

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