Spring update to FEC grant and training grant terms and conditions

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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has updated its full economic cost (FEC) grant terms and conditions and training grant terms and conditions.

Subsidy Control Act 2022

In this revision, UKRI has amended conditions that relate to the Subsidy Control Framework, which has been replaced with the new Subsidy Control Act 2022.

Research organisations will need to ensure they follow the rules of this legislation.

The Act, which came into force in January 2023, provides a new framework for the provision of subsidies within the UK.

Bullying and harassment

UKRI has amended the condition to align to the preventing harm policy and put more emphasis that upheld allegations relating to UKRI-funded activity must be reported to UKRI.

Research governance

This revision also sees a change to how UKRI manages potential conflicts of interest in research.

Research organisations should ensure they have a policy in place to manage potential conflicts of interest identified both at the point of application and thereafter. UKRI no longer requests these are declared to us. However, we reserve the right to request details on the management of conflicts at any point during the duration of the grant.

Use of training grant

A new training grant condition has been added to confirm that funds must be explicitly identifiable as arising from the conduct of the award.

This condition clarifies that all costs charged to the training grant under the ‘Research training support grant, Fieldwork and Other fund’ headings must be verifiable and auditable.

Updated supporting information

As part of this exercise, supporting information within the accompanying terms and conditions guidance documents has also been updated in relation to the following sections.

Costing information

A minor amendment to the guidance has been made to remove ‘academic’ staff to clarify indirect costs can be claimed based on the individual’s role on the project and not their job title.

Supporting staff

Guidance has been updated for students to clarify that additional childcare costs incurred to allow participation in activities that relate to both the project and the wider doctoral training experience can be charged to the grant.

A further amendment clarifies the sick leave element of a phased return should be outside of the standard 13-week limit.

All guidance should be read in conjunction with the updated full economic cost grant and training grant terms and conditions.

The updated FEC and training grant terms and conditions will take effect from 5 April 2023.

For further information, email fundingpolicy@ukri.org

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