STFC spin-off Oxsensis is acquired by WIKA

Engineer prepares equipment at Oxsensis' facility

The Science and Technology Facilities Council's (STFC) spin-off company, Oxsensis has announced that it is now part of the WIKA Group.

The WIKA Group is a global market leader in developing high-precision instruments for industrial measurements, such as pressure and temperature.

Leading optical instrumentation development

Oxsensis span out of STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, at the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, in 2003.

Since then, it has firmly established itself as a leader in the development of advanced optical instrumentation for use in harsh industrial environments. Its technology is particularly applicable across a range of industries, including:

  • power generation
  • aerospace
  • oil
  • gas

Today, Oxsensis’ products and solutions are used world-wide by customers for monitoring and controlling their critical systems.  From cryogenic aerospace applications to high temperature power generation, Oxsensis continues to innovate in the field of instrumentation.

Pioneering new sensors

Since its founding in 2003, and backed by funding from the UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund, Oxsensis has pioneered a ‘new breed’ of highly accurate, highly stable optical sensors.

Based upon propriety intellectual rights licensed from STFC, its sensors use light to measure heat, temperature, and pressure. Unlike traditional sensors, Oxsensis’ dynamic sensors can be used in extreme environments, such as those created by jet engines and power stations.

From its location at the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, it has partnered with well-known international companies including Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, Parker Aviation and Airbus, working across a diverse range of industries with various divisional and application.

Offering highly attractive technology

Franz-Josef Vogel, Executive Vice President, WIKA, said:

Oxsensis is offering a highly attractive technology which is scalable to a wide range of industrial applications.

As we acquire excellent knowhow and experienced staff our plan is to keep and develop the Harwell site as the centre of our optical sensing activities.

A pioneering company

Dr Elizabeth Kirby, Director of Innovation at STFC, said:

Oxsensis’ journey from STFC spin-out through to its acquisition by world market-leader WIKA is excellent news for this pioneering company.

It is also a perfect example of how STFC’s world leading technology teamed with the right business support in the early days and being part of the EnergyTec Cluster on the Harwell research and innovation campus can help a company flourish.

I look forward to seeing it continue to grow and develop world-leading technologies in this next, exciting step in its journey.

A new chapter

Ian Macafee, CEO at Oxsensis, said:

This new chapter for Oxsensis is built on many years of innovation and persistence, tackling some of the hardest energy-intensive systems challenges that exist.

Our technology is well placed to contribute to the Energy Transition in Power generation,  aerospace and to enable competitive, leading products in our new industrial markets.

Read the full announcement, Oxsensis acquisition by WIKA Group

Top image:  Credit: UKRI

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