UKRI consulting on impact in research applications

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We are reviewing our systems to better understand the effectiveness of our current approaches in supporting impact across UKRI and the investments we fund.

Our intention is not to reintroduce the ‘Pathways to Impact’ form. It is to ensure that, within our current systems applicants have clear guidance on how they should address impact, as this is a question that is regularly raised by our research communities.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) invite input, both as partners and applicants, from:

  • academics
  • university research office staff
  • users of research
  • project partners (such as social enterprises, charities, non-governmental organisations, business)
  • other stakeholders.

Aims of the consultation

In launching this consultation, we are gathering feedback to gain an understanding of how impact development activities are being embedded into proposals by applicants.

The aim is also to determine the levels of stakeholder involvement, and how impact development activities within proposals are reviewed and assessed.

Rather than focusing on specific outcomes or impacts of research, this consultation will instead focus on how applicants are handling impact development and associated activities within their funding applications.

It covers the application, review and panel stages of our funding processes.

Locating opportunities

Glenn Goodall, Project Lead and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Head of ICT Research Portfolio, said:

In gathering feedback from our wider communities about the way in which impact is embedded into applications, we will be able to share examples of best practice.

We will also be able to identify any existing barriers and locate opportunities for UKRI to provide the right support to our research and innovation communities.

Participate in the consultation on impact in research applications, open from Monday 10 January to Friday 4 February.

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