UKRI councils are moving to

Starting this summer, and throughout 2021 into early 2022, the nine council websites are moving to the new integrated UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) site.

The new site will integrate all the UKRI corporate websites to deliver an efficient, informative, inspiring user experience, providing a strong unified voice for UKRI and its nine councils.

This transition is phase two of the major web project involving nine current websites, including:

  • the seven UK research councils
  • Innovate UK
  • Research England.

Shaping our new home

The development of the integrated UKRI website builds on user research showing that much of the content is duplicated over several sites and meets the same user needs.

The new UKRI site will create one place for users to go to, instead of having to check multiple sites.

Phase one of the website saw the introduction of:

  • all funding opportunities in one place
  • news from all UKRI councils
  • UKRI corporate content.

New possibilities

The move to one site opens new possibilities for what we can offer our users.

For instance, it’s made it possible to see all funding opportunities in one place, while filtering for:

  • open or closed opportunities
  • award type
  • funding councils.

Moving content throughout 2021

During phase two we are gradually transitioning content from the council sites into the UKRI site.

Rather than transitioning council by council, we will review, transform and transition content in themes.

The first content transition takes place this summer as we move content that covers:

  • blogs
  • guidance for applicants
  • manage your award.

The project continues throughout 2021 into early 2022 as we move all other content.

Full redirects will be in place to simplify the journey and help during this transition process.

Archived content in The National Archives

We have worked with The National Archives to store the current sites as an online repository for legacy content.

This means that old content will be available at The National Archives Web Archive even after we have reviewed and transitioned web content to the integrated UKRI site.

Sign up to give us your input

Throughout the transition we are involving you, our users, to identify content that meets your needs, and help us produce and structure the content so it’s provided in the most effective way.

This insight will shape the look and functionality of our web pages.

This is the website for UKRI: our seven research councils, Research England and Innovate UK. Let us know if you have feedback or would like to help improve our online products and services.