UKRI welcomes government’s national AI strategy

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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has welcomed the government’s first national artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, which has been published today.

The strategy seeks to strengthen the UK’s position as a global science superpower and seize the potential of modern technology to improve people’s lives and solve global challenges, such as climate change and public health.

Read the strategy on GOV.UK

AI is already transforming our world and is helping us meet challenges in fields such as:

  • health
  • energy
  • the environment.

Whilst the use of AI across different sectors and applications has grown in recent years, the potential of AI technologies is far from being realised. Increasing the UK’s AI research and innovation capabilities will be key to unlocking the benefits that these technologies can drive across society.

Vibrant AI ecosystem

The UK has great strengths in several areas of AI research and innovation. Its vibrant AI ecosystem that attracts significant levels of investment and talent from across the globe. The UK has a key opportunity to position itself as a leader in international AI research and innovation building on from this strong position.

UKRI has a key role to play in realising full potential of AI through supporting world-leading AI research and innovation. Our recently published statement of opportunities on AI sets out our vision for AI and our aspiration to play a key role in realising its potential.

EPSRC Executive Chair, Professor Dame Lynn Gladden said:

UKRI fully embraces the opportunity of AI, as recognised in the government’s AI strategy.

Research and innovation are key to ensuring that the potential of AI is realised across society and the economy. It is UKRI’s ambition to build upon the UK’s strengths in AI research and innovation to unlock the potential benefits of these technologies.

We are working with our partners in academia, business and government to establish a national AI research and innovation programme that creates an environment in which world-leading researchers and innovators will thrive.

UKRI has been investing in a rich AI research and innovation portfolio over a number of years. Some of our recent high-profile investments include:

Turing AI fellowships

These were created to retain, attract and develop the best and brightest AI researchers. The Turing AI fellowships are being delivered in partnership by:

  • UKRI
  • the Office for AI
  • the Alan Turing Institute.

Fellows will pioneer unique and exciting areas of research in AI, from addressing the challenge of building a more sustainable aviation industry, to democratising safe and robust AI.

Read more about the Turning AI fellowships.

UKRI AI Centres for Doctoral Training

We are funding 16 in universities across the UK delivering 1,000 new PhDs over eight years.

Read more information on UKRI’s plans and investments on AI.

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