‘Virtual surgeons’ to be able to join operations anywhere

Team of surgeons in the operating room using hi-tech modern virtual reality simulator interface with hologram

A company pioneering technology to allow surgeons to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room in the world is partnering with Vodafone to speed up adoption in Europe.

The Proximie platform was developed with funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the medicines manufacturing challenge’s Digital Health Technology Catalyst.

It will help reduce variations in care and ensure every patient receives the best healthcare every single time.

Global network of operating rooms

Proximie is creating a global network of operating rooms interconnected by the world’s best clinicians.

It will create a future where every incision is informed by artificial intelligence, and clinicians get real-time diagnostics, data, and analysis.

Healthcare experts can interact with any connected operating room in the world to accelerate and improve surgical mentoring, proctoring, and technical expertise.

Digital technology is vital

Chris Sawyer, Innovation Lead at UKRI for the Digital Health Technology Catalyst programme said:

Forecasts suggest 2.4 million operations will have been cancelled by the end of 2021, and by 2043, medical workforce shortages will be over 80,000. So digital technology and the use of artificial intelligence that empowers the NHS to work even more effectively is vital.

Delivering digital health services at scale

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie, said:

Having the best connectivity is imperative for delivering digital health services at scale, so we are thrilled to partner with Vodafone Business given its 5G capabilities and cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing.

Building on our existing relationship will increase Proximie’s access and accelerate the roll-out of our platform in the UK and across Europe.

We will be able to provide connected surgical care to a wider audience and continue delivering impact by sharing the best clinical practice and ultimately saving lives.

Saving lives by sharing clinical practices

As part of Proximie’s mission to save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practices, the new partnership will build on the existing relationship between the two companies.

It will bring its world-class connected surgical care software together with innovative technologies from Vodafone Business, including:

  • 5G
  • Internet of Things
  • edge computing.

Increasing number of connected solutions

Mark Allinson, Business Development Director, Vodafone Business, said:

This partnership with Proximie cements our existing relationship and will be an enabler of their connected surgical care solution through increased access to Vodafone’s technologies and platforms.

The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte is committed to helping more people gain access to healthcare by increasing the number of connected solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals.

We understand the critical role technology will play in transforming healthcare and, by bringing together Proximie’s expertise and Vodafone’s capabilities, we can accelerate the innovation needed to the drive efficiencies and improve patient care.

Further information

About Proxime

Proximie is a global health technology platform focused on digitising operating and diagnostic rooms.

Its mission is to save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practice; every Proximie procedure can be recorded, analysed, and used in the future to help inform best practice.

Founded by Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, Proximie has now conducted in tens of thousands of surgical interactions and deployed in over 500 hospitals in across 50 countries.

Proximie has contracts with over 35 major medical device companies, with access to 90% of operating rooms and diagnostic suites in the UK, US, and EU.

Top image:  Credit: cofotoisme, Getty Images

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