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Teaching, learning and uses of technology in UK classrooms: education research programme 2022

Apply for funding to join a research programme exploring:

  • teaching and learning, with a focus on the role of teachers
  • the uses of technology in teaching and learning.

You must be based at a UK institution eligible for ESRC funding.

Your project must be social science-led and at least 50% within ESRC’s remit.

Pre-announcement: Lead energy demand research as the Energy Demand Champion

Apply for funding to become the ‘Energy Demand Champion’ and lead the next stage of energy demand research in the UK.

You must be a UK resident based at an eligible research organisation.

You can be from any discipline and should have a:

  • background in research, industry or policy
  • clear understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of UK energy demand research.

Digital Society Network Plus: exploring people’s relationships with digital technologies

Apply for funding to develop a network to research people’s relationship with technology. The network will:

  • carry out and fund research
  • build communities
  • provide skills development opportunities

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for ESRC funding. Your project must be social science-led and at least 50% within ESRC’s remit.

Study arts and humanities at an international institution

Apply for funding to study at an international institution.

You must be either:

  • an AHRC-funded PhD student
  • an early career researcher or postdoctoral research assistant.

Proposals can be from any arts and humanities area.

Your placement will last three to six months.

Build a network to research sustainable agri-food for net zero

Apply for funding to develop a research network that will focus on improving the sustainability of the agri-food system.

You must be:

  • based at an eligible UK-based organisation
  • working in a science discipline.

Co-investigators can be from any discipline.

Your network is expected to:

  • focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • build interdisciplinary partnerships
  • involve stakeholders
  • develop future research plans.

ESRC postdoctoral fellowships

Apply for a postdoctoral fellowship to develop:

  • publications
  • networks
  • research skills
  • professional skills.

You must:

  • have completed your PhD at a research organisation that is part of a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)
  • have less than 12 months’ postdoctoral experience (at full-time rate) measured from passing your viva voce to the competition closing date.

Fellowships must be held at a Research Organisation that is part of a DTP and aligned to an accredited pathway.

Social sciences must make up at least 50% of your fellowship activities.

ESRC: Working with Luxembourg researchers

If you are a UK-based researcher, you can apply for funding to work with overseas researchers in Luxembourg. Collaborative work on any area of the social sciences is governed by an agreement between UKRI and Fonds National de la Recherche.

ESRC new investigator grant

The new investigator grant supports early career researchers and academics to become independent researchers through gaining experience and skills in managing and leading research projects and teams.

The social sciences must represent more than 50% of the research focus and effort.

UKRI-SBE lead agency opportunity

The UKRI-SBE lead agency opportunity allows UK and US-based researchers to submit a collaborative proposal that will go through a single review process. Grants are funded through existing funding programmes at the relevant lead agency.

Daphne Jackson fellowship

These fellowships are for those looking to return to a research career after a break. Fellowships combine a personalised retraining programme with a challenging research project. They are flexible, usually lasting two years at 0.5 full-time equivalent, although some UKRI funders may award longer.

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