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Pre-announcement: quantum technology career development fellowships

Apply for funding to develop your quantum technology career and work towards becoming an independent researcher.

You must be hosted and supported by an eligible UK research organisation.

You must have one of the following:

  • a PhD
  • at least four years’ experience in a relevant field.

Pre-announcement: improve and accelerate the impact of your organisation’s research

Apply for funding to help your organisation’s research have an impact.

Your organisation must be eligible for funding from ones of these councils:

  • AHRC
  • STFC
  • MRC.

To be eligible to apply for EPSRC funding, your organisation must have been invited.

Understanding environmental change in Inuit Nunangat

Apply for funding to investigate changes to the terrestrial, coastal and near-shore marine environments in Inuit Nunangat.

You must be:

  • from an eligible UK research organisation
  • eligible for UKRI funding.

Your project must include:

  • an Inuk, Inuit organisation or community representative involved as either principal or co-investigator.

Protecting citizens online complementary projects: outline stage

Apply for funding to research the needs of citizens online, help them control how their data is used and protect them from online harms.

Proposals must be submitted by a team of investigators from a mix of disciplines.

You can apply if you are based in the UK.

Digital technologies for health and care

Develop research ideas for novel digital technologies to monitor, diagnose and treat the population remotely.

You can be from any research area and must be eligible for EPSRC research grant funding.

The first stage of the process is a ‘sandpit’ event. In this three-day online event you will work with other researchers to develop ideas for proposals.

Investigate high-priority use cases for exascale software

Apply for funding to design use cases for exascale software.

You can apply if you are a currently funded ExCALIBUR design and development working group.

Your project must be three years in length. It must start on 1 December 2021.

Adventurous energy research for a sustainable net zero: outlines

Apply for funding for high-risk research into technologies to enable a sustainable net zero.

You must be a UK-based researcher employed by an eligible research organisation.

Holders of postdoctoral fellowships are not eligible to apply.

This is an outline stage. If you’re successful, we will invite you to interview.

Civil nuclear research with Japan: phase 8

Apply for funding to research challenges in civil nuclear energy relevant to Fukushima and Sellafield.

You must be a UK-based researcher employed by an eligible research organisation.

You must collaborate with Japanese researchers.

Develop digital economy research communities with NetworkPlus

Apply for funding to build digital economy and manufacturing research communities with NetworkPlus. These must address one of the EPSRC digital economy theme priority areas.

The following can apply:

  • UK higher education institutions
  • research council institutes
  • UKRI-approved independent research organisations
  • public sector research establishments
  • NHS bodies with research capacity.

Embedded research on UK climate resilience

Apply for funding to do an ‘embedded researcher’ project. This is a research placement at a non-academic organisation. You’ll support the sharing of knowledge between academics, decision-makers and practitioners.

You must be a UK-based researcher employed by an eligible research organisation.

Your project must focus on climate resilience in the UK.

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