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Build a network to research sustainable agri-food for net zero

Apply for funding to develop a research network that will focus on improving the sustainability of the agri-food system.

You must be:

  • based at an eligible UK-based organisation
  • working in a science discipline.

Co-investigators can be from any discipline.

Your network is expected to:

  • focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • build interdisciplinary partnerships
  • involve stakeholders
  • develop future research plans.

Transforming care and health at home and enabling independence

Apply for funding for a multidisciplinary project enabling people to:

  • transform their care and health
  • be more independent.

You must be a researcher living in the UK and eligible for EPSRC funding.

Collaborating at the quantum computing and ICT interface

Apply for funding at the quantum computing and ICT interface.

You must address one of these two challenges:

  • delivering quantum computing that is correct, trustworthy and resilient
  • quantum computing interfaces.

You must be:

  • eligible for EPSRC funding
  • based in the UK.

Research the production and integration of zero carbon hydrogen

Apply for funding to research zero emission hydrogen production and integration.

You must be a UK-based researcher who:

  • is employed by an eligible research organisation
  • does not hold a postdoctoral level fellowship.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the energy research community

Apply to build a community within energy research focused on:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)
  • accessibility.

You must have the ambition to make real changes.

To apply you must be working at a UK organisation eligible for UKRI funding. Your project must be interdisciplinary.

Public engagement for information and communication technologies

Apply for funding to help you:

  • develop, deliver and evaluate public engagement activities
  • encourage public engagement within your organisation and the wider community.

You must be eligible for EPSRC funding and:

  • an active researcher within the remit of EPSRC’s information and communication technologies (ICT) theme
  • have a record of engaging the public with research.

Build research communities with the UK financial services sector

Apply for funding to develop a new research network with partners in the UK financial services.

You must be eligible for EPSRC funding.

Your network is expected to:

  • identify and address data-centric, quantitative, technological and ‘real-world’ research challenges
  • involve collaboration with project partners from the user-focused financial services sector
  • help form new research communities.

Developing quantum technologies for fundamental physics

Apply for funding to apply, or adapt, quantum technologies to fundamental physics questions.

You and your institution should be eligible for UKRI funding.

Improve the sustainability of urban systems and infrastructure

Apply for funding to develop research networks that will focus on improving the sustainability of urban systems and infrastructure.

You must be:

  • a UK resident
  • based at an eligible research organisation.

You can apply for one of three networks on:

  • green infrastructure development
  • low carbon connected digital infrastructure
  • sustainable urban systems.

Understanding environmental change in Inuit Nunangat

Apply for funding to investigate changes to the terrestrial, coastal and near-shore marine environments in Inuit Nunangat.

You must be:

  • from an eligible UK research organisation
  • eligible for UKRI funding.

Your project must include:

  • an Inuk, Inuit organisation or community representative involved as either principal or co-investigator.

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