Funding opportunity

Funding opportunity: EPSRC New Horizons 2020 full proposals: invitation only

This is an invitation only funding opportunity.

The New Horizons funding opportunity aims to help grow the portfolio of new transformative research ideas in EPSRC Mathematical Sciences and Physical Sciences research areas, feeding the future research landscape.

The assessment of proposals submitted to this funding opportunity is now complete, successful applicants are now invited to submit a full application.

Who can apply

Only applicants who have been successful after the peer reviewed outline stage are invited to submit a full New Horizons proposal.

What we're looking for

Final submission

At this final, invite only stage of the call, successful applicants are expected to submit a fully costed application, with a full justification of resources. Any ethical considerations should be detailed on the Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S) application form.

Funding available

Each project can be up to 24 months in duration and applicants can apply for up to £200K (80% value of the full costing) in total.

Invited, successful proposals must be costed on a full economic costing (fEC) basis and funds can be requested for staff, equipment, consumables and travel. Please ensure you account for adequate resources to enable the delivery of your proposed plans.

Equipment over £10,000 in value (including VAT) can be included through this call, within the £200k maximum. There will be no expectation of joint funding from higher education institution (HEI) partners, equipment will be supported at 100%.

Smaller items of equipment (individually under £10,000) should be in the ‘directly incurred – other costs’ heading.

For equipment between £25,000-£138,000 (including VAT), three verbal quotes are required and information on this should be detailed in the justification of resources.

If there is a sole supplier or fewer than three quotes this should be explained in the justification of resources.

See more information on equipment funding.

Start date

As highlighted in the original call document, in the spirit of a scheme aimed at shortening the time between idea and delivery, we expect proposals to be underway by the 31 January 2021.

How to apply

Applicants should ensure they are aware of and comply with any internal institutional deadlines that may be in place. You should prepare and submit your proposal using the Research Councils’ Je-S system.

When adding a new proposal, you should go to documents, select new document, then select:

  • create new document
  • council: EPSRC
  • document type: standard proposal
  • scheme: standard.

On the project details page you should select the ‘New Horizons 2020 full’ call.

After completing the application:

You must ‘submit document’ which will send your application to your host organisation’s administration.

Your host organisation’s administration is required to complete the submission process.

Applicants should allow sufficient time for your organisation’s submission process between submitting your proposal to them and the call closing date.

EPSRC must receive your application by 16:00 on 27 October 2020.

As well as the Je-S application form, the following documents must be submitted:

  • case for support: four pages, please submit the same case for support document as assessed at the outline stage
  • justification of resources: two pages, full justification of all costs requested is expected
  • letters of support from all project partners included in the Je-S form: no page limit, must be included from all named project partners before the start of the award. Must be on headed paper and be signed and dated within six months of the proposal submission date. Please upload a blank page if letters of support are not available at this time
  • quotes for equipment above £25,000: no page limit, for equipment between £25,000 to £138,000 (including VAT), three verbal quotes are required and information on this should be detailed in the justification of resources. No equipment quotes need to be attached to the proposal. If there is a sole supplier or fewer than three quotes this should be explained in the justification of resources
  • technical assessments for facilities listed as requiring one in the Je-S guidance: no page limit, please upload a blank page if technical assessments are not available at this time
  • ability to deliver (other attachment): two pages, please submit the same ability to deliver document as assessed at the outline stage.

You should attach your documents as PDFs to avoid errors. They should be completed in single-spaced Arial 11 font or similar-sized sans serif typeface.

See advise on writing proposals.

EPSRC will not fund a project if it believes that there are ethical concerns that have been overlooked or not appropriately accounted for.

All relevant parts of the ethical information section must be completed. See further guidance on completing the Je-S form. EPSRC guidance can be found under additional information.

How we will assess your application

Final checks

Following submission to this full proposal stage, applications will be checked by UKRI-EPSRC to ensure compliance with eligibility and costing regulations for the New Horizons call.

Ineligible costs will be removed and in some cases proposals not meeting these requirements will be returned for amendment.

Contact details

New Horizons inbox:

For help and advice on costings and writing your proposal please contact your research office in the first instance, allowing sufficient time for your organisation’s submission process.

Any queries regarding the submission of proposals through Je-S should be directed to:

Please refer to the Je-S homepage for line opening hours.

Additional info

Responsible innovation

EPSRC is fully committed to develop and promote responsible innovation.

Research has the ability to not only produce understanding, knowledge and value, but also unintended consequences, questions, ethical dilemmas and, at times, unexpected social transformations.

We recognise that we have a duty of care to promote approaches to responsible innovation that will initiate ongoing reflection about the potential ethical and societal implications of the research that we sponsor and to encourage our research community to do likewise.

Responsible innovation creates spaces and processes to explore innovation and its consequences in an open, inclusive and timely way, going beyond consideration of ethics, public engagement, risk and regulation.

Innovation is a collective responsibility, where funders, researchers, interested and affected parties, including the public, all have an important role to play.

Applicants are expected to work within the EPSRC framework for responsible innovation given on the EPSRC website.

Supporting documents

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