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Centre in Climate Change and Health Full Stage (invite only)

This centre will be a world-leading centre of excellence carrying out interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, and impactful research to address major challenges at the interface of climate and health research.

You must have already submitted an outline proposal and been shortlisted at the outline panel. You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Quantum for science – scientific exchange visits

Apply for funding to enable short-term exchange visits to or from the US, Canada and Switzerland. This funding opportunity includes the necessary funding for small-scale collaborative projects to explore the use of quantum technologies in fundamental physics and its translation into real-world applications.

Strategic Technical Platforms – Full proposals

Apply for funding to support UK Research Technical Professional communities. These can encompass physical and digital research. Only applications that have been invited through from the outline stage will be accepted. You must be at a UK research organisation eligible for EPSRC funding.

International centre to centre research collaborations: full proposals 2023

Apply for funding to form world-leading partnerships and work with the best international collaborators for your research.

To be eligible, applicant teams must have submitted an outline proposal to the earlier deadline of 18 May 2023 and been invited forward to submit a full proposal.

Understanding geohazard processes and their impacts across India

Apply for funding to improve the understanding of the processes behind geohazard events (earthquakes or landslides, or both) in India and its neighbouring countries to improve community resilience.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for NERC funding.

Strategic infrastructure outlines

From 10 July 2023, you must apply for EPSRC strategic infrastructure outline proposals via the UKRI Funding Service. Infrastructure including both equipment and resources can be requested through this opportunity.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for EPSRC funding.

Network Pluses in Energy to form next generation Supergen Hubs

Submit an expression of interest for a Network Plus to discover and develop the next generation of renewable energy technologies.

Proposals must create coherence in an emerging research area to drive forward research in Sustainable PowER GENeration and supply.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for EPSRC funding.

The full proposal stage of this opportunity will run on the UKRI Funding Service our new funding platform, rather than via Je-S. The exact full application requirements and assessment criteria may alter from what is currently published.

The EOI stage of this funding opportunity is mandatory and not assessed.

FCDO-UKRI Senior Research Fellowships 2023

Exciting two year secondment opportunity for senior professorial level academics into FCDO, to use their deep specialist expertise in one of 10 areas to provide long term strategic guidance, rapid insight, independent challenge, thought leadership, help guide policy and shape direction of research.

Adventurous Manufacturing Round three

Apply for funding for exceptional and potentially transformative science and engineering research projects that to contribute to EPSRC’s vision for manufacturing research.

A high degree of risk in these applications is expected and welcomed to encourage speculative ideas or new ways of thinking.

UKRI Creating Opportunities Evaluation Development Fund

Apply for up to 12 months of funding to evaluate interventions that increase opportunities and reduce disparities in economic, health and social outcomes for people and places across the UK.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation funding.

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