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T-AP funding opportunity on democracy, governance and trust

Apply for funding to deepen and widen our knowledge and understanding of opportunities, challenges, and crises relevant to democracy, governance and trust.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Modelling UK supply chains as complex systems for resilience

Apply for funding for a Network Plus to model UK supply chains as complex systems to strengthen resilience.

One 4-year interdisciplinary Network Plus will be funded by UKRI (£6,250,000; UKRI will fund £5,000,000 at 80% FEC)

The network can be led by any discipline in collaboration with government, business and the third sector.

Renewal scheme for current Future Leaders Fellows

Successful applicants to the Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) scheme have the opportunity to extend their four-year fellowship by up to a further three years.

This funding opportunity is available to current FLF award holders only and should be a continuation of the original FLF fellowship.

EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship, May 2023

You must have either:

  • a PhD
  • at least four years’ experience in a relevant field by the start of your fellowship

Candidates with more research experience may prefer to apply for the open fellowship or open plus fellowship.

Your fellowship can be up to three years long and may be held part-time.

This early career opportunity is only open in selected research areas.

You must be hosted and supported by an eligible UK research organisation during your fellowship.

Collaborate with researchers in Luxembourg

UKRI and FNR have signed a memorandum of understanding to enable and support applications between researchers in the UK and Luxembourg. UKRI will fund the UK component and FNR will fund the Luxembourg component of the application.

Conditions will differ depending on the funding opportunity.

PATT travel claim for competitively awarded observation time

Claim back travel and subsistence costs when visiting an astronomy telescope. The visit must be for competitively awarded science observation time.

You must be a UK-based researcher at an eligible UK institution.

You must not already hold or have access to a travel grant from the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time (PATT).

Collaborate with researchers in Brazil

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and FAPESP’s lead agency agreement allows UKRI to assess joint applications from eligible UK and Brazil-based researchers from the state of São Paulo on behalf of both organisations.

UKRI and FAPESP will co-fund applications submitted to responsive mode funding opportunities via selected funding opportunities.

Funding large or complex scientific projects

Apply for funding to develop a large or complex scientific project.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Your project must be focused on one of the following:

  • particle physics
  • nuclear physics
  • astronomy
  • particle astrophysics
  • accelerator physics
  • computing for physics.

Daphne Jackson fellowship

These fellowships are for those looking to return to a research career after a break. Fellowships combine a personalised retraining programme with a challenging research project. They are flexible, usually lasting two years at 0.5 full-time equivalent, although some UKRI funders may award longer.

Return to research support bursary

You can apply for this bursary if you are a researcher looking to return to an academic research career after a break of two or more years.

You can get funding of up to £2,500 for no more than six months to support you in developing a proposal suitable for submission to the STFC fellowship scheme.

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