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Multidisciplinary research between cyber-security Research Institutes

We are inviting ambitious proposals for research activities to bridge across the different cyber-security research communities operating under the four joint EPSRC-National Cyber Security Centre Research Institutes.

MRC Senior non-clinical fellowships: Sep 2020

If you are a researcher with a track record of leading your own independent research, we can help you become an internationally-recognised leader in your field. We will contribute to your salary and project costs with no limit on the amount you can apply for.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Fellowships Pilot: Oct 2020

The criteria of this fellowship are:

  • it is impact-focussed
  • it recognises the potential cross-cultural value of internationally collaboration
  • aimed at researchers whose engagement with stakeholder communities is vital to their research
  • aims to strengthen connections between disciplines, communities and institutions

Highlight notice: COVID-19 and minority ethnic groups

Apply for funding to research the reasons for vulnerability to COVID-19 and the differential social, cultural and economic impacts of the pandemic on minority ethnic groups.

Cultural Heritage, Identities and Perspectives: Responding to Changing Societies: Sep 2020

You can apply to research the role of heritage in society from different perspectives.

This includes questions such as ‘What role does heritage play in the formation of identities?’, ‘How can institutions manage heritage in an inclusive manner?’ and more.

Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems Research Programme

This 2018-2021 Follow-on Fund is open to all Research Learning Organisation (RLO) Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators, both past and present.

The call is designed to build on their existing RLO grant and is focussed on:

  • impact enhancement, research augmentation, capacity building
  • cross-grant synthesis activities.

Expression of interest: COVID-19’s impacts on disabled people

For innovation awards or case studies on COVID-19’s impacts on disabled people. Apply for up to £100,000 full economic cost (fEC) for up to six months. This call aims to bring together UK and low and middle income country (LMIC) cross-disciplinary researchers.

ATI Programme strategic batch: expression of interest September 2020

The ATI Programme funds industrial research and investment aid for research infrastructures to make the UK civil aerospace sector more competitive.

Marine Wave Energy

The Wave Energy Roadmap commissioned through the Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub concludes that targeted research and innovation will play an important role in the Wave Energy journey to commercialisation. As a result, EPSRC is looking to fund proposals, particularly in the key areas highlighted by the roadmap:

  • novel designs for niche applications
  • survivability and reliability of devices in the marine environment
  • power take off and control systems
  • modelling, forecasting and evaluation of wave energy resource
  • new materials for Wave Energy Converters.

Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre: the impact of COVID-19 on modern slavery: Sep 2020

Funding for evidence-based research to improve the understanding of the effects of the pandemic on society, that are associated with modern slavery.

This includes both:

  • responses by governments, businesses and organisations that affect exploitation
  • the systems underpinning exploitative practices.

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