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Get training and development to support your doctorate

To get the most out of your doctorate you should take advantage of the complementary training and development opportunities that are available as part of your studies.

Where to find opportunities

We fund lots of opportunities where those studying for a doctorate on a UKRI studentship can gain research experience and skills.

In almost all cases, your research organisation is best placed to advise on what is available. These may be:

  • already built into your doctoral programme
  • separate opportunities that are advertised and need to be applied for within your research organisation – speak with your university for more information.

Other externally-funded opportunities are also available through UKRI, which can be found on this page.

For anyone who has not yet started their PhD and is considering funding options, find out more about UKRI studentships.

Policy internships scheme

Anyone with a UKRI studentship can apply to work for three months at an influential policy organisation. These include parliamentary and government departments as well as non-governmental bodies.

Every internship will be different. It could include you being asked to:

  • produce a briefing paper
  • take part in a policy inquiry
  • organise a policy event.

The scheme is open to doctoral students in any field – as long as you have a UKRI studentship.

If you are accepted you will continue to be paid your usual stipend throughout your placement. You could also claim certain eligible travel and accommodation costs up to a maximum of £2,400. The amount will depend on the organisation where you choose to do your internship. It will be outlined in the application process.

How to apply

Applications normally open in June for placements the following year and close in September. We will publish a link here to all placements when they are open for applications.

UK-Canada Globalink doctoral exchange scheme

Placements with Canadian universities of up to three months are available through this exchange programme.

It is designed to help students establish new networks, build relationships and collaborate with international partners.

There are places for up to 200 doctoral students with UKRI-funded studentships. Students are encouraged to choose a Canadian professor who they are interested in working with at one of the partner universities.

Stipends will continue to be paid during the placement, with the additional opportunity to claim for eligible travel and accommodation costs incurred during the placement.

How to apply

The application process typically runs from April to June. Exchanges then start from October, to take place within the following 12 months.

The fourth and final round was due to open in March 2021, but we’ve postponed it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re working to agree new dates.

We will publish a link here to information about how and where to apply when dates are confirmed.

Last updated: 12 April 2021

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