How we make decisions

UKRI funds research and innovation on a competitive basis. Individual applications for research are assessed by relevant independent experts from academia and business. Core research funding to the higher education sector for its research is targeted where the research quality is highest. How we review academic-led research proposals Your proposal for research funding will be […]

External advisory group for equality, diversity and inclusion

UKRI engages with a wide range of research and innovation stakeholders. The external advisory group provides advice and challenge, working with us to identify and prioritise areas where we can make most progress. The group is chaired by Dr Karen Salt, Deputy Director for Research Culture and Environment for UKRI. The group brings together both […]

Universities, NHS bodies, charities, NGOs and other institutions

Universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) UKRI provides funding of £2 billion directly to institutions. Over 90% of this is awarded as a single annual grant to universities in England. Universities and HEIs then fund their own projects, as well as publishing in the funding finder any additional: funding opportunities for postgraduate research training […]

Neuroimmunology Data Generation Award for Early Career Researchers: Oct 2020

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Highlight notice: COVID-19 and minority ethnic groups

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Human tissue and biological samples for use in research

Operational and ethical guidelines for Medical Research Council (MRC)-funded researchers working with human tissue and biological samples.

Publication Guidance

Gene therapy successfully treats ‘bubble boy disease’ in children

Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) is the name given to several rare inherited diseases where children are born with defective immune systems. It is also known as the ‘bubble boy disease’ because affected children are extremely vulnerable to infectious diseases, and some of them have become famous for living in a sterile environment. In the most […]

Experimental design for animal research: proposal examples

An outline of examples to show the level of detail and type of information that the Medical Research Council (MRC) is looking for in grant proposals.

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Personal information in medical research (withdrawn)

Guidance for Medical Research Council (MRC) grant holders using individual patient data in their research without consent from the individual patients.

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Researching ME/CFS: highlight notice

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