Professor Jeremy Baumberg

EPSRC Council member

Professor Jeremy J Baumberg is a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Council.

Jeremy is the Harold Aspden Professor of Fundamental Physics at Cambridge and is a world-recognised leader in nanoscience and nanotechnology, crossing interdisciplinary boundaries within physical sciences and engineering.

He leads a UK Nano-Photonics Centre at the University of Cambridge and has extensive experience in:

  • unusual optical materials structured on the nanoscale that can be assembled in large volume
  • optically-powered nanomachines
  • confining light to extreme scales, below the size of individual atoms
  • developing low-cost optical sensors for healthcare and environmental monitoring

Jeremy set up the Cambridge Nano Doctoral Training Centre, a key UK site for training PhD students in interdisciplinary nano research.

Jeremy’s strong experience with Hitachi, IBM, his spin-offs Mesophotonics and Base4 and his strong industrial engagement give him a unique position to combine academic insight with industry application in a two-way partnership.

He is a leading innovator in nano, which has led to awards, including:

  • Institute of Physics Charles Vernon Boys Medal (2000), Mott Lectureship (2005), Young Medal (2013) and Faraday gold Medal (2017)
  • Royal Society Mullard Prize (2005)
  • Royal Society Rumford Medal (2014)

He is a strategic advisor to the Advanced Research and Invention Agency and EPSRC. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Optical Society of America, and the Institute of Physics. He published a popular science book called ‘The Secret Life of Science: How Science Really Works and Why it Matters’ in 2018.

Last updated: 2 April 2024

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