Independent report

ESRC-FCDO Raising Learning Outcomes programme evaluation report

Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems (RLO) programme evaluation report, commissioned by ESRC-FCDO to present an independent appraisal of the programme.

ESRC, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)


Raising Learning Outcomes (RLO) phase one programme evaluation: final report (PDF)

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In April 2021 ESRC and FCDO commissioned NIRAS-LTS to undertake a final evaluation of the RLO research programme.

The aim of the evaluation was to present an independent, fair and balanced appraisal of the programme, to provide accountability to ESRC and FCDO for their investment in RLO, and to generate learning to inform future investment. The primary questions the evaluation sought to answer were:

  1. Has a community of practice been established that produces high quality, policy relevant evidence on raising learning outcomes?
  2. Has the programme generated evidence that adds to and informs the relevant body of research?
  3. Has evidence contributed to policy and practice debate on education systems, and how they can deliver learning at scale? Has this contribution (if any) had a tangible impact on policy and practice, and if so, how significant is this impact?

Completed in July 2022, the final report:

  • describes the methodology adopted by the evaluation
  • places RLO in the broader context of policies and ongoing debates on global education
  • provides a descriptive overview of the programme
  • presents key findings and recommendations against each evaluation question.

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