Independent report

Impact review of Innovate UK’s AI-related activity

This report sets out Ipsos Mori’s findings from an impact review of a subset of Innovate UK’s grant funding for artificial intelligence (AI).

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Impact review of Innovate UK’s AI-related activity (PDF)

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Ipsos MORI were commissioned to undertake an impact review of a subset of Innovate UK’s grant funding for AI in August 2020.

The report from Ipsos Mori assesses the impact of Innovate UK grant funding (between 2005 and 2020) for AI related activity in four thematic areas:

  • firm performance (including research and development activity and growth)
  • adoption of AI
  • skills
  • access to data

In addition, the report explores the impacts relating to broader social issues that have arisen from the adoption of AI. For example, adoption of principles relating to the responsible use of AI, skills gaps of relevance to applicant firms and data access barriers.

The report was based on evidence gathered using a mixed-methods approach which included:

  • the analysis of monitoring data
  • a literature review
  • stakeholder consultations
  • an applicant survey
  • in-depth interviews
  • data-linking
  • econometric analysis

This enabled Ipsos Mori to create an overview of the key outputs, outcomes and impacts from Innovate UK’s support.

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