Respiratory questionnaire and instructions to interviewers (1966)

The Medical Research Council produced this questionnaire and its instructions in 1966 to research chronic bronchitis in large-scale studies.



Questionnaire on respiratory symptoms (1966) and instructions to interviewers (PDF)

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The questionnaire was first published in 1960 under the approval of the MRC Committee on the Aetiology of Chronic Bronchitis. This was revised and a new version published in 1966.

When the committee disbanded, the responsibility for it was passed to the newly formed MRC Committee for Research into Chronic Bronchitis who again revised it in 1976. When this committee disbanded, the responsibility for the questionnaire passed to the Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health (CEOH) who reviewed it and issued what remains to be the most recent version in 1986.

The questionnaire on respiratory symptoms was designed to be used in large scale epidemiological studies only (100 to 1000 people). It cannot be used on an individual basis.

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