UK Research and Innovation’s response to the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine

Last updated:
9 August 2023

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) continues to condemn in the strongest possible terms the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine.

Our thoughts remain with everyone affected including colleagues and academic partners who may be dealing directly or indirectly with the effects. We offer our compassion, support, understanding and respect, regardless of nationality.

We also want to reassure the Ukraine research and innovation community that UKRI stands by them.

Supporting Ukrainian researchers

The Global Talent visa and Temporary Work visa offer permanent and temporary routes to enter and work in the UK for Ukrainian national researchers, technologists and other specialists. We continue to work with partners to ensure sufficient support.

In November 2022, UKRI announced we had teamed up with Universities UK International to support an innovative UK-Ukraine University twinning grants scheme.

The scheme, which UKRI’s Research England backed with a £5 million investment, was designed to address reciprocal researcher and innovation needs of both Ukrainian and UK universities and researchers, with 33 partnerships receiving funding.

In March 2023, over 100 twinning partnerships between universities in the and Ukraine had been created through the Twinning Initiative.

In July 2023 a new report commissioned by Universities UK International, and funded as part of the £5 million investment from Research England, highlighted some of the key challenges for recovery in Ukraine.

Detailed review

UKRI undertook a detailed review in February 2023 of all Russia projects and related collaborations funded by our research councils and Innovate UK since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We worked closely with all applicants at various stages of their Russia-related applications to ensure staff are supported, risks are managed and projects are stabilised.

The number of grants affected across UKRI’s portfolio is very small, and given the sensitivities and security issues we will not be going into any further detail about grants or people affected by this review.

Supporting UK government

UKRI’s action is in no way a reflection or judgement on any individual researchers or projects in the UK or the region.

We are following government advice and support the UK government’s sanctions of those with direct links to Russia’s government and President Putin.

UKRI believes freedom to work without fear of reprisals is essential and international collaboration is vital in addressing the global challenges we all face. It connects expertise, shares knowledge and pushes the boundaries of what research and innovation can achieve.

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