Area of investment and support

Area of investment and support: European Research Area (ERA-NET) Co-fund on Biotechnologies

The ERA-NET Co-fund on Biotechnologies (ERA CoBioTech) aims to strengthen the European Research Area in biotechnology by promoting synthetic biology and systems biology as technology drivers for industrial biotechnology. It builds on its predecessor programmes, and supports transnational projects.

€6.84 million for the third funding opportunity
2020 to 2024
Partners involved:
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), ERA CoBioTech has 23 partners and two observers from 19 countries

The scope and what we're doing

The European Research Area (ERA) CoBioTech is a five year project which started in December 2016 and aims to strengthen the European Research Area in the field of biotechnology by promoting synthetic biology and systems biology as technology drivers for industrial biotechnology.

It builds on and learns from its predecessors:

  • ERA-NET in Synthetic Biology (ERASynBio)
  • ERA-NET for Systems Biology Applications (ERASysAPP)
  • ERA-NET Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology(ERA-IB2).

BBSRC leads the work on shaping the future of ERA CoBioTech, and supports transnational projects funded through the ERA CoBioTech funding opportunity.

Read the ERA CoBioTech Strategic Agenda – a vision for biotechnology in Europe and the Agenda for Responsible Research and Innovation in ERA CoBioTech.

Both these documents present a holistic vision of the future of biotechnology in Europe and aim to support the establishment of the bioeconomy. BBSRC, with support from the European biotechnology community, led the development of these documents.

With the help of all partners and observers, BBSRC also developed an ERA CoBioTech Biotech Hub platform, which will provide the biotechnology community with information on European and national funding programmes, infrastructure and further country-specific information.

Find out more about ERA CoBioTech’s vision for technology in Europe.

Why we're doing it

ERA CoBioTech aims to:

  • maximise synergies between current mechanisms of biotechnology research funding in Europe
  • foster the exchange of knowledge across borders
  • demonstrate how a bio-based economy can be beneficial for different groups in society
  • maintain and strengthen Europe’s position in biotechnology.

Opportunities, support and resources available

ERA CoBioTech is planning regular transnational funding opportunities with a focus on synthetic biology, systems biology and industrial biotechnology. These will support collaborative research projects between the scientists in participating countries.

Find ERA CoBioTech funding calls on the Co-fund on Biotechnologies website.

Find out more about the third funding opportunity submissions here: ERA CoBioTech: call three submissions.

Past projects, outcomes and impact

Who to contact

Jamie Parkin


Governance, management and panels

The programme is coordinated by Project Management Juelich (Germany).

BBSRC plays a major role in ERA CoBioTech, leading work package six (Development of a strategic agenda for ERA CoBioTech) and is closely associated with work project eight (Additional funding activities) and work package seven (European Biotechnology Hub).

Last updated: 16 March 2023

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