Developing skills



To safeguard the future of the bioeconomy, BBSRC helps people to gain the skills needed to maximise the opportunity for innovation. We identify opportunities to address skills shortages and vulnerabilities in the research base, to improve the UK’s capabilities and support bioindustry in achieving economic growth.

Innovation cannot happen if individuals do not possess the skills to succeed. Our skills training and exchange opportunities provide skills that allow students, researchers and academics to innovate and compete in the global bioeconomy. As well as training in economically important, cutting-edge or vulnerable skills, our programmes allow scientists to develop business plans, experience new environments and maximise the impact of their research.

Bioscience is important to the economy

In the EU alone the bioeconomy is estimated to be worth two trillion euros accounting for 22 million jobs. Each euro invested in EU-funded bioeconomy research and innovation is estimated to trigger €10 of value added in bioeconomy sectors by 2025.

Consideration of the bioeconomy as a whole might enable more effective interdisciplinary working and collaborating and increase alignment between government departments. Similarly, realising the opportunities of the bioeconomy to drive sustainable and equitable growth and increase wellbeing is going to require bioscience to work with a range of other disciplines and in concert with partners across society.

Last updated: 27 July 2023

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