Doctoral training


Students with a veterinary degree

In order to attract students with a veterinary degree qualification, we offer a higher stipend rate to these students.

BBSRC awards studentship funding directly to universities and research organisations, and not to students. Departments and supervisors advertise for students, therefore potential students should contact the institution at which they wish to undertake a research degree.

As a BBSRC requirement any veterinary graduate funded through a BBSRC training grant is entitled to the higher rate stipend applicable at the time.

For 2024 to 2025, the stipend rate for students with a recognised veterinary degree qualification is £28,738.

Allocating funding

We expect these costs to be met from within the overall cash limit of the training grant in most circumstances. However, we recognise that such flexibility does not always exist, and where this is the case we are prepared to consider extra funding. In order to request extra funding the research organisation must demonstrate that it lacks the flexibility within its training grant to meet these costs and that it has no other contingency funding or concurrent training grants on which it could draw.

Please contact us for the relevant form, which needs to be attached to the final expenditure statement.

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Last updated: 5 April 2024

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